‘A Life With Self Esteem & Dignity’,
through value adding Occupation

This project works as a holistic approach to their life long rehabilitation

Everyone in life aspires to grow up, get educated, trained and get a job and earn to be able to live
‘A Life With Self Esteem & Dignity’, through value adding Occupation.

This being the Mission of MBA Foundation, our endeavour is to make each one of these differently able youngsters, capable and confident of performing some value adding work and earn. While a few of them are able to go out and work – Open Employment. Some of the qualified ones work in our office also in different capacities – accounts assistant, matron, receptionist, awareness building, marketing, etc.

Semi Sheltered Employment

There are many of them who cannot go out or do our regular office work, due to the severity of their physical / mental disabilities; but have definite qualities to perform under support & supervision of special educators. These youngsters are trained in Vocational Skills of various types, depending on their abilities and interest; and when they are ready, they work in teams, in the Sheltered Work unit; they make and pack items of daily use and earn a stipend, towards
‘A Life With Self Esteem & Dignity’.

They find a secure environment, with not much competition like the mainstream workplace and the work is modified to suit their ability. They continue to get motivation and refresher training to perform better and also training in new skills every year. They get an opportunity to be out of the 4 walls of their homes with a definite timetable of activities – making, packing of products, regular therapy for their upkeep, counselling, relaxation (Bhajan, Yoga, Dance & Music) etc., all under one roof, helping in keeping them agile, active and happy. As the supervisors are professionals with full knowledge of their condition, they can understand the competency and shortcomings of the trainees and adjust their work load. They also get the much needed care and help in their hygiene needs from care- takers.

Sheltered Workplace & Working in Groups

At MBA Foundation, after being trained in Vocational skills, they move to the sheltered workplace and work in groups to make items like:

  • Fancy Paper Bags, Gift Envelopes, Art & Craft items.
  • Scented / Floating Candles & Tea Lights Candles.
  • Bakery items, Snacks and Squash / Pickles.
  • Packing – Liquids in bottles – Disinfectants, Liquid Soap & Hand Wash.
  • Stitching all clothe & jute items like folders, diaries, fancy bags, small purses/pouches, shoulder bags, etc.
  • Jewellery and Torans with beads.
  • Gardening, etc.

This ensures that they are kept engaged throughout the day and increases their self-confidence. They can learn different skill sets during training and focus on one or two of their liking and ability. In this way the trainees get much individualized attention to facilitate their progress in a holistic way.


(A Non Profit company under section 25 of companies act 1956)

This organization was born in 2011, due to the need for taking care of awareness building, marketing of products, helping more People with disabilities through supporting other NGOs like MBA Foundation, etc.

A brain child of our Founder Chairman, Late C.R. Balasubramanian
with a Vision, ‘Empowerment of persons with Disabilities'
a Mission, ‘Exploring all possibilities For Making them Self Sustaining’ through
Positive Attitude

Professional Training

Opportunities & Employment

Develop a strong network towards An Inclusive Community

This Organisation is headed by Mrs. Meenal Mandlik since the year 2011. She is a Professional—Ex Banker, a Science graduate, worked as a banker with State Bank of India as a marketing executive, resigned in 2007(After24 years of service). Since then been associated with the cause of betterment of differently able. Served as a volunteer in MBA Foundation. Has done a diploma in Social Entrepreneurship. She is also a member of some other social organisations like inner wheel club and Maharashtra Chamber of commerce. She has been appreciated and awarded by some social and cultural organisations for her efforts in the social cause.

Our Core Activities:
  • Build and operate effective Sales & Marketing organisation for Marketing & Sales of products made by MBA Foundation.
  • Partner with other similar NGOs helping them to market and sell their products along with our own.
  • Organize Exhibition cum sale of products made by them in Offices, Societies, Institutions, etc.
  • Awareness programs and workshops on various issues related to Employment and inclusion of Differently Abled.
  • Internship program for college students
  • Unique Concept of “Friends of GODS” for marketing & sales of products implemented. SEFD has over 600 Friends of GODS’.
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Under the same roof, they avail of other rehabilitation facilities too, such as, Physio, Psycho and Speech therapies; Counselling, Group Relaxation, etc.

They also celebrate each festival, birthday, etc. together.

This project works as a holistic approach to their life long rehabilitation, not depending on their competency, but on their absolute need to be happy and content through occupation.

Additionally, this also brings about a big respite to parents who otherwise are bound at home with them.

As on January 2024, our total strength in Sheltered Workshop is 70;
45 beneficiaries from Day Care and 25 from Life Care.
More than
People Served
so far
Trainees provided
People served under
Life Care
More than
Events and
..and still growing