Speech, occupational, physio and psycho therapies are the backbones of a rehab program

Proper assessment helps in identifying the required therapy for each individual, which then is weaved into his / her individual action plan and daily timetable.

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Individual Therapy

Professional Therapists help with sessions for individual trainees.

Individual and Group therapy

Psychotherapist has individual as well as group therapy.

Regular periodical reviews help in finding the extent of improvement and accordingly the future actions are planned.

Therapy is not like taking a tablet to remove headache; many people get disillusioned as the improvements are not immediately visible; but over a continued period of taking therapy, there are definite changes, which help the person in mobility, communication, behaviour, etc..

Online Counselling Sessions

During the pandemic, they have been missing these physical sessions; but the parents have been advised by the therapists how to help the trainees. Counselling sessions continue even online, for the trainee and the parent.

Parents realise the importance of therapy interventions only when they see specific changes/ improvements in their wards.