Preparing The "Differently-Abled Youngsters For A Better Future"
Providing Opportunities to be Self-Sufficient

One of the primary goals of Prevocational & Vocational skills training is preparing the differently abled to a fruitful life, after they complete school level. This means finding a vocation with future plans of an employment; to provide them the opportunities to be self-sufficient, which not only builds their self- confidence but also shows the way forward to the family.

In case of people with any kind of disability, this becomes difficult due to their disabling conditions. Some of them (physically challenged) may study further, but find it difficult to go out and work; some of them are intellectually impaired and so they can neither achieve higher academics nor find employment outside.

Their abilities need to be assessed, understood and based on that and their area of interest, they will need specialised training in skills which can be easily understood and used later as a value adding vocation.

In order to proceed with skills training, they have to be readied through assessments of the following abilities and necessary therapy for strengthening:

  • Motor skills – Gross motor and Fine motor
  • Literacy and numerical skills
    (reading, writing & calculations, measuring, etc.)
  • Comprehension skills
  • Social & Communication Skills
    (behaviour, greeting, team work, etc.)
At MBA Foundation, persons with varied types of disabilities e.g. physically challenged, intellectually impaired, down-syndrome, spastic, autism and people with behaviour disorder are admitted.

On admission, the beneficaries are observed for their functional ability and then individual training plan is made, keeping in mind the degree of disability.

As per their needs, skills are generally imparted with the help of a team of professionals consisting of Special Educators & Therapists who work in tandem. Periodical reviews, counselling beneficaries and parents as per need, behaviour modification, etc. happen side by side to improve the overall personality of the trainee, preparing him / her for a job oriented future.

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Occupational Activities

They are gradually introduced to the different occupational activities in the centre so that they get the concept of work ethics, time management, discipline and a sense of purpose. This ensures that they are kept engaged throughout the day and increases their self-confidence. They are slowly introduced to different skills like art work, pasting, measuring, dance, music, etc., etc.

This takes about 8 months to 1 year, after which their ability to function as a value adding member is assessed and then they are moved to the Sheltered Workshop for making and packing of different items of daily use and gift items and they start earning or further prepare them for external placements.

This project is done in GODS Abode in Airoli and GODS Heaven in Powai with the same curriculum. As on January 2024 , our total strength in Vocational skill training is 30 nos. There are 21 beneficiaries in Airoli and 9 beneficiaries in Powai and is growing.

Special schools generally refer their students once they are above the age of 18 years.