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A Tale of Unyielding Spirit:

Help Sharda Fight Cancer and Continue Her Inspiring Journey

In a world filled with challenges, there are individuals who rise above their circumstances, proving that the human spirit can conquer any obstacle.

One such extraordinary soul is Sharda Jitekar, a 54-year-old matron at the Life Care Services of MBA Foundation. Sharda's journey is an incredible testament to her indomitable will, her determination, and her relentless pursuit of a life filled with purpose.

A Life Defined by Resilience

Sharda's story begins in Panvel, Raigad District, where she hails from an economically disadvantaged background. At the tender age of 12, while playing with other children, she experienced a fall that fractured her leg. Little did she know that this incident would forever alter the course of her life. Upon consulting with doctors, Sharda was diagnosed with Osteoporosis, a condition that causes brittle bones. Her parents were given little guidance on how to care for her condition, and the subsequent attempts at walking often led to painful
fractures. As a result, Sharda gradually lost her ability to walk.

Hope arrived when a medical camp set up in her village introduced Sharda's family to Dr. Ashok Johri, an orthopedic surgeon who believed that Sharda could walk again. Dr. Johri's guidance led to Sharda's admission to Sion Hospital in Mumbai, where, at the age of 16, she embarked on a journey of countless surgeries and recovery. Steel rods were surgically implanted near her bones to provide much-needed support, and with relentless determination and months of exercise, Sharda was able to walk with crutches.

Empowering Sharda to overcome obstacles
achieve her dreams

A Story of Triumph Over Adversity

In her pursuit of independence and a meaningful life, Sharda overcame many hurdles. Traveling daily from Panvel to Sion Hospital was a taxing endeavor, so she began searching for a place that would allow her to live, work, and earn a livelihood. In 2003, a social worker introduced her to MBA Foundation, a life-changing moment that would chart her course toward a brighter future.

Sharda, along with her differently-abled friend Chanda, visited MBA Foundation and met the Chairman and Vice Chairperson. In 2004, Sharda and Chanda were welcomed as trainees, despite Sharda's lack of formal education. With determination, she enrolled in the 10th-grade National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) program, which she successfully completed. This marked the beginning of her journey to acquire computer skills, proficiency in English, and even tailoring.

Empathy in Action

Sharda’s Dedication to Special Education and Home Care Assistance

Sharda's innate ability to care for others led her to pursue further training in special education for individuals with disabilities. She also completed Home Care Assistant Training, a testament to her unwavering dedication to improving the lives of others.

Since 2005, Sharda has been an integral part of MBA Foundation, and her journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Over the years, she has taken on increasing responsibilities and now serves as the Matron of the organization. Her role encompasses managing the life care staff, overseeing the kitchen, and being a mentor and support system for all staff members. Known affectionately as "Tai," a term of respect in Marathi, Sharda has become an indispensable pillar of the organization.

With unparalleled dedication, unwavering sincerity, and hard work, Sharda has left an indelible mark in every facet of MBA Foundation. She cares for and nurtures 30 life care beneficiaries and their caregivers, ensuring that every need is met. Sharda's journey with the organization has been nothing short of remarkable, and she has never let her physical disability define her or hinder her remarkable work.

The Battler Faces a New Challenge

Despite her numerous triumphs and her ability to inspire countless lives, Sharda now faces her most formidable opponent yet: cancer.

Sharda has recently undergone her first chemotherapy session on September 30, 2023, in her battle against this insidious disease. The path ahead is filled with emotional and financial challenges.

To provide Sharda with the treatment she urgently needs to combat cancer, we must raise funds amounting to approximately Rs. 10,50,000. These funds will cover the costs of surgeries, chemotherapy, medications, and hospital stays, ensuring that Sharda receives the best possible care as she battles this new obstacle.

Join Sharda's Journey:
Be a Beacon of Hope

Sharda Jitekar's life story is a testament to the power of the human spirit, to unwavering determination in the face of adversity.
Her extraordinary journey has touched the lives of many, and now, it's our turn to be there for her.
You have the opportunity to make a significant impact in Sharda's life.
Here's how you can help:



Your financial support, no matter how large or small, will be a lifeline for Sharda. Every rupee counts in her fight against cancer.


Spread the Word

Share Sharda's story with your friends, family, and on social media. The more people who know, the greater our impact.



Organize fundraising events, no matter the scale, to help raise funds for Sharda's treatment. Your creativity and determination can make a world of difference.



Offer your time and expertise to support Sharda and her family throughout this challenging journey.


Thoughts and Prayers

If you can't contribute financially, your thoughts and prayers are equally powerful. Send your positive energy and best wishes to Sharda.

Sharda's story is an opportunity to demonstrate the collective strength and compassion of humanity. Together, we can be the force that lights up the darkest corners of despair with the beacon of hope. Stand with Sharda as she battles the most challenging fight of her life.

Let Sharda's journey continue to inspire us all. Join us in this life-saving mission and be a part of Sharda's fight against cancer. Together, we can make a world of difference and ensure that her indomitable spirit shines brighter than ever.

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